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80S Cotton Sorona Ponte-de-roma Fabric

Item Name: Cotton Sorona Ponte-de-roma BYS0140

Composition: 60%Cotton40%Sorona

Wholesale/custom from Boyue

Width: 155CM

Customizable Width: 150-155CM

Print Type AvailableDigital printing / Water based printing

Weight: 180GSM

Customizable Weight:170-220GSM

Yarn count: 80S+50D


Description about Sorona® Ponte-de-roma fabric

Sorona® Ponte-de-roma fabric is a type of double-knit jersey fabric that is made from a blend of 60%Cotton and 40%Sorona. Ponte-de-roma fabric weighs approximately 180GSMIt is known for its comfortable,good shrinkage rate and stretchy feel, as well as its durable and wrinkle-resistant properties. The name "Ponte-de-roma" comes from the Italian word "ponte," meaning bridge, and refers to the fabric's sturdy and supportive structure. This type of fabric is often used to make form-fitting clothing, such as Blouse, leggings, skirts, dresses, jackets and coats.

Sorona®Ponte De Roma fabric is exclusively produced by Boyue Direct. Ponte De Roma fabrics are available at wholesale prices and sold in bulk by the yard or in rolls.

Care Instructions of Ponte-de-roma fabric:

Ponte-de-roma fabric is a durable and low-maintenance fabric, but to keep it looking its best, it's important to follow the proper care instructions. Here are some tips for caring for Ponte-de-roma fabric:

Wash in cold water: Ponte-de-roma fabric is prone to shrinkage, so it's important to wash it in cold water to prevent this. Use a gentle, delicate cycle and avoid using hot water or high heat when drying.

Hang to dry or lay flat: To avoid stretching or damaging the fabric, avoid using a dryer. Instead, hang your Ponte-de-roma items to dry or lay them flat on a clean, dry towel.

Use a gentle detergent: Choose a gentle, pH-neutral detergent to wash your Ponte-de-roma items. Avoid using fabric softeners or harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric.

Iron on low heat: If needed, iron your Ponte-de-roma items on a low heat setting. Avoid using high heat, as this can damage the fabric.

Avoid bleach: Ponte-de-roma fabric is sensitive to bleach, so avoid using it when washing your items.

By following these care instructions, you can help ensure that your Ponte-de-roma fabric clothing and accessories stay looking their best and last for many wears.

FAQ about Sorona® Ponte De Roma fabric

1. What is SORONA?

SORONA® is a breakthrough bio-based, high performance polymer offering unique benefits for the apparel industry. SORONA® contains 37% annually renewable plant-based ingredients by weight and minimizes the impact on the environment without sacrificing quality and performance. From flexible yoga wear to denim to everything in-between, SORONA® can make any textile look good, feel good and do good. It offers unique performance benefits, including incredible softness, stretch and recovery, and inherent stain resistance without the need for topical treatments. SORONA® is a USDA certified bio-based product and received OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification.

2. What to use Ponte De Roma Fabric for?

Ponte De Roma fabric is easy to sew, and can be used for just about any apparel or décor application. Some wonderful Ponte De Roma fabric projects include leggings, dresses, tops, bedding, drapery, table linens, and so much more.

3. Can we get a sample for reference?

A: Of course. We can send you free sample (A4 size) to you. If you require the size bigger than A4 size, please pay for the sample charge and postage. The charge can be returned when there is a firm order.

4. Are all meter size samples need client pay for sample charge?

A:Of course not. If our warehouse have some in stock, we can supply 1 meter for free.

5. How can I get a price of needed fabric?

A:1.Please give the exactly composition, construction, density, width also finishing of fabric to us. We can according to your specification give you a counter sample and price.

 2. You can send us a sample, we can according to your sample give you a counter sample and price.

3.If you don’t know the detail of the fabric, you can give us the pictures of fabric and the usage, we can according to our experience give you a estimated price. But exactly price must after we checked your original sample.

6. Do you accept small quantity order?

A: Yes. Small order is welcomed. We would like to grow up with you together.

7. I’m a designer, can you produce the items by my design?

A: All of our items is make to order. So it’s not a problem for us to product items by your design.

8. What is about your payment?

A: T/T or L/C at sight is acceptable. The other payment is also negotiable.

9. What kind of transport service can you provide?

A: FOB&CIF is the usual way. Besides, DDU, DDP is also available.

10. What is your quality guarantee?

A: If you have Chinese agency, the best way is to do the inspection before shipment. If it is difficult for you, you can check it once you received the cargo. Please check it in a week. If there are any quality defect, we will afford all the lost caused by us.

Wholesale/custom Sorona® Ponte-de-roma fabric from Boyue,will be your best choice.

80S Cotton Sorona Ponte-de-roma Fabric

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